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Volunteer With Us

The Workshop wouldn't be able to function without the hard work, passion and expertise of our amazing volunteers. If you'd like to join us, please complete the application form below!


"Over the past few weeks, I have been working as an administrative intern and an English teacher. I enjoy coming to The Workshop because of its positive and encouraging atmosphere, but also because it is a space that seeks to empower and give agency to individuals through education"

- Gurpal, Admin Intern and Volunteer Teacher

"I came back to Serbia this year so that I could continue to befriend, laugh alongside, and learn from a variety of people as they persevere through an extremely challenging situation.

At the Workshop, I get to do all this while teaching English!

I love the Workshop’s environment of dedicated, enthusiastic students and the exchange of knowledge that happens in the space. As a language lover, it’s so fascinating for me to sit at the tables and hear a mix of so many languages swirling around the air as people support each other in learning"


- Jenna, Volunteer Teacher

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