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Northstar is dedicated to providing quality education and language skills to refugees and migrants residing in Serbia. Since its foundation, Northstar has worked in cooperation with other local and international NGOs to execute its mission and create a safe space for refugees, migrants and asylum seekers. Through educational and recreational activities, we aim to stimulate and entertain refugees living in Belgrade. Our goal is to mitigate feelings of restlessness and frustration from living in camp conditions, provide an environment for learning and creativity, facilitate integration, and reduce the learning gap. By recruiting local volunteers throughout Belgrade, we offer students a bridge to Serbian culture and society, encouraging integration. In addition to organized classes, the Workshop also offers photography, creative writing, arts and crafts, and cultural excursions.


The Workshop is made possible through generous donations and volunteer help. Your donation (time, funds, or material) will help sustain our work and keep our doors open through 2019, providing refugees with a safe space and educational development. Small donations can make a huge difference, with all proceeds supporting the daily costs of operating the Workshop. Thank you for your support!  

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