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Knowledge is Power


Here at NorthStar, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. We were founded in November of 2015 at the peak of the Refugee Crisis along the Balkan route. NorthStar was founded by two Fulbright alumnae, in the hopes of providing community development and education opportunities to both asylum seekers and the local community in Serbia. While our past projects have surrounded the common theme of community development, we are currently devoting all of our resources toward 'The Workshop', a center devoted to providing quality education to refugees in Belgrade.

"The experience of volunteering with an international non-profit one month after college graduation is invaluable. Being of witness to the crisis first hand is unexplainable, but the friendships and life lessons nourished along the way are stories which deserve to be shared. Now back in the states, I have taken a position as ESL and cultural orientation intern with Kentucky refugee ministries. The ways in which students of the Workshop of all ages exuded their resilience to learn even amidst ever-changing uncertainty allowed me the motivation I now have to engage within these communities right here in my hometown. Manana, Tashakor, Hvala, my friends!"

- Hailey Spivak, Volunteer at The Workshop


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